Red Flags In An Online Profile For Evangelicals

Evangelical or not…there are still red flags that have to be watched for when it comes to any online dating or dating sites. People are not always what they claim to be…even when they proclaim to follow the Lord. As unfortunate as this is it is important that you know how to spot any red flags. Don’t wait until you are engrossed in conversation to start checking for these warning signals as you should be able to spot them as early as the profile.

Trust your gut feelings…this is always the first rule of thumb when dealing with any online dating websites. While the same rules apply in real life dating the good news is that if you follow your instincts online you will have ample opportunity to remove yourself from any unsure or threatening situations before it is too late. People who are dishonest online often cover themselves well but look over the profile of the individual very closely. An Evangelical will most certainly post this information on their profile but they don’t have to seem convincing. Often those who are lying will go the extra mile to try and prove that they are Christians.

When you look at the profile see who this person talks about as this will show where their priorities are. In other words, do they talk about past hurts in former relationships or do they talk about how much they love to spend time with their friends and family…obviously the latter of the two would be more ideal. Are they keeping it real or do they seem to brag about how much money they make, the material things that they have, etc…these are not in sync with Christian values.

One might purposely go to an Evangelical website to find a “good person” to date even if they themselves are not practicing Christians. While it is true that they can post whatever they want to on their profile their deeds and lifestyle is something that they can not fake. Walking with the Most High God can not be imitated by anything other than what it is.

Look at the profile for odds methods listed to contact the person. Normally, a person would list a cellular phone or even a home phone number as a primary point of contact but when someone is not being honest they are more likely to not list a number at all and ask if they can call you or request to speak at strange times. This is a big red flag that indicates this person may be already involved with someone else.

Finally, be very leery…as a matter of fact…run the other way if a profile has anything at all to do with sex on it or if there is no photo on it. The lack of a photo does not have anything to do with what the person looks like but it could indicate that this person does not want to be recognized and that is surely a red flag too!

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